Get a picture from a web page

Hi, is it possible for WD to “grab” a picture from a webpage and add text and time etc?
On the following site: there are a picture from my dlink 950g wireless webcam.
I’d like to add time and date on this picture and publish it on my web.
I’m also looking for using this to create a daily weather images during the day.

Anyone know if this is possible, or how can i grab this picture so my WD can use it?
There are no link directly to the image, i have tried that.

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Yes, if it’s a static/.jpg image. Check out the this FAQ

Thats the problem, this crappy dlink cam (950g) does not have ftp upload of pictures.
But i can make videos and save that to my computer.
The newest firmware, they have added jpg sollution by view it on a .asp page.
if you look at, i had to add a table and put that .asp page inside a table to show the image on my website, but i would rather like WD to publish this picture.
Well, i guess i have to live with it like it is now, or buy a new cam maby.

You should be able to directly access the the D-Link camera via the LAN.
I have a D-Link DCS-900W and connect with IP address as once a minute as described in FAQ

The DCS-900W is discontinued, I believe the DCS-950G is the newer model.
From DCS-950G Wireless Internet Camera spec…
“You can access and control the DCS-950G Wireless Internet Camera using Internet Explorer version 6. As you watch and listen remotely to video and sound obtained by the DCS-950G, you can take snapshots or record directly from the Web browser to a local hard drive without installing any software, making it convenient to instantly capture any moment no matter where you are.”

yes, you should be able to do this, using the HTTP download in WD, to the required URL, and seting the username/password
and then you use the 3rd party web cam setup…and select the source and output files and names and tick and set to output a jpg file
i also recommend to tick to use the new method, where you can also add a logo…(note, use the very latest update of WD, this method is working OK now), as the new method, the image output size is easier to control…its set by the image size setting …and this makes it much easier to get the correct image size that windows media encoder likes

this web site, which i have remote access too and have set up to use the 3rd party web cam setup, has been running 5 days non stop no problem doing hourly movie creations and daily movie creations, etc:
(la crosse 2310 in wireless mode)

The DCS-950 Wireless internet camera works off of activeX so when you right click on the web picture it does not show a file name to use in the HTTP download section (image.jpg). You can setup the camera to pull up a http://IP_Address/iMode.asp file which brings up a image that you can refresh.

Is there any way to use this type of setup to put the image on the web page?

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does it come with software that will download to a set filename at all?

The only thing I can find in the setup about saving to a filename is the “iMode” but it olny saves to a, but not a jpg.

I looked and found at the source of that page:

<IMG src="image58.jpg?random=9" width="320" height="240">

However, it is not accessible.

I have boxed that web cam up and it’s on the way back to Amazon.

If people that have a 802.11 camera working with WD please let me know what cameras are good and the ones to stay away from that would be greatly appreciated.


hello, i have make a php script that can show just the image of you camera.
if you are interessted, here is the php source code :

<?php $contenu = implode("", file("" )); $contenu=str_replace("/","",$contenu); $contenu=str_replace("image","",$contenu); $contenu=explode("",$contenu); echo $contenu[1]; ?>


look here :