General FTP hanges up

Using WD to ftp non WD files in setup #2.
File to upload plaintext.txt
This has recently, last couple of days started to hang at 100% So ftp stops and I have to exit and/or reboot.
Suggestions? Only thing I changed recently was adding Twitter.

More info:
Cleared all upload times and Turned off #2 setup under FTP/internet.
Rebooted pc.
A bit later WD FTP hung at plaintext.txt 100$%
I’ll delete that file and reboot.

Note I did manual upload w/Fling and it did work.

Any clues in the ftp window? Or in the ftp log?

I solved by deleting the settings in WD to ftp non WD files in setup #2 only. Saved and closed WD. Deleted local and remote file (plaintext.txt). Started WD and added setting back. Now works as before. :slight_smile:

NorCal Dan nothing was in the log, tx for comment