Ftpupdt.exe not closing properly and system hangs up

I have just moved WD to a new computer running W7 and have experienced problems with ftpupdt.exe not closing properly after the top of the hour uploads. All other instance of ftp close properly. I have closed the majority of uploads so it is not a question that there is too much data and that a second upload is starting before the earlier one is completed.
There was never a problem while I was running Vista on a slower computer and on the same network.
After four or five ftp are open the system hangs up if the Windows screen saver is enabled. The hang can be cleared by moving the mouse for a few seconds.

Any suggestions on how to keep the installation happy?

I dont think this should be in the bug reports

I think its a problem on your setup/computer

as I dont see other reports like this

first I would disable the screen saver

If it is not properly posted in bug reports please suggest where I might move it to.

I have two computers both running W7 and an old one running Vista. The only ones I see this problem on are the two running W7. I have not consciously changed any of the W7 default settings.

The problem of the ftp not closing occurs whether or not screen saver is running. You will not I said that the hangs occurs only after more then four ftp haven’t closed. I have even tried setting ftpupdt.exe to run as Administrator and that did not help. It is odd that the ftp that does not close is the one that runs at the top of the hour. All others close just fine.

.zip and email me your settings files and I will test here, for the top of the hour update

files emailed as requested

I have not received the email yet (but my email might be slow at the moment)
maybe upload the files to your web site and send me a PM of the URL to the files

got the settings

incorrect settings problem identified and fixed
(was an extra file name in the HTTP download local files settings)

Many thanks for your assistance which is greatly appreciated.

All is well now.

Idealy the program would detect that setup problem and bypass it gracefully instead of getting into a LOOP it could not get out of

Sorry to bring this up again and I do not know if this is the same problem, but I have not been able to use any newer ftpupdt without getting new instances of the program and no data are being sent.

I use to revert to a previous version that works for me, dated 2011-07-13 which is around this topics first date. Although I cannot find any extra HTTP file name. W7, no screensaver or so, what can I do/change?