FTP Webcam Image

What is the best way to go about uploading a webcam image every minute to a specific directory (i.e. images/weather)? Is that possible?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


See if this FAQ helps…


Well I’ve followed those instructions but where in the web cam upload section can I tell it to upload the image into the images/weather remote directory?

“Control Panel - FTP/internet settings” "Web cam upload? That might be what you need. Mine uploads the images to my default weather directory along with the other files…


Unfortunately I want to upload the images to a directory other than the default. My default FTP directory houses my custom wxlocal web page. I’d like to FTP the web cam image to a different directory.

I believe there is a setting in that web cam settings page I mentioned above to speficy a directory, not right where I can look right now…


I think it is the directory to where to save the file locally before it is uploaded.

You should be able to upload any file to any directory using Control Panel > FTP/internet/etc… > General FTP tab.

Yes that is true but you can not do it in 1 minute increments. 10 minutes is the least you can do.

Not sure at all, but I found this…
How about item #34 in the customize internet upload screen?

Yes…that is the location of the local webcam file(s) to be uploaded. You may want to make a New Features Sugestions request for remote directory settings cabability, in the webcam upload setup?

ah, yes, …i think i used to have that ability…to set a different remote directory than what is normaly used, in the web cam upload
i will add that ability

Let me know when this has been added.

Great program by the way. :smiley: