FTP weather report downloading to wrong file

Hi Brian,

My FTP Weather Report/Warning Download file (NCZ062.txt) is downloading to the wrong place which keeps it from uploading to the website. I thought it always went to C:\wdisplay\webfiles\ncz062.txt but it is now going to C:\wdisplay\webfilesncz062.txt. It appears that a (\ ) is missing for some reason. This started on Thur after I started using V27A and the new FTP V6.10. I have checked, but I cannot find anything on this end although it still could be. I also checked the gov site and it is OK.

Andy Foppe

i have fixed and will upload today
but use regedit.exe and in wdisplayftp.ini
look for
‘FTP down 2’
and sub key
‘local directory’
amd add the \ on the end

Thanks Brian

I changed both FTP Down and FTP Down 2. Problem solved.
Thanks again.

Andy Foppe

i have a new 9.28c out now that should fix that
it still should be ok even with the extra \