FTP uploads


I dont know if I have my times wrong for when the data uploads or what but Ive been checking my website and the FTP seems to be skipping uploads every now and then. Im 95% sure I have the times to upload set to every 30 minutes but it seems like its updating every hour or two. I cant access my program now because I am at work. When I get home Ill double check to see the times I have set to when I have them to upload. I cannot remember what version Im running. I need to update the version sometime today when I get home.

check the ftplog.txt file to see when wd actualy went to update the files

Hi Brian,
I have the same problem, but I could determine the reason!
I upload every 15 minutes, and during the evening hours the FTP server of my ISP becomes overloaded from time to time for some seconds or minutes. If I upload manually in that case I can mostly get through after several times. Could it be possible to make several attempts till it passes and then wait again till next upload time? I have a permanent cable connection. With an analog modem one can select ‘number of retries if line is busy’. I imagine this must also be possible for a permanent connection.
BTW, I’m still using the old FTP program (v 11.25). The new (v 6.57) refuses to download the metars from NOAA. I always get an error message ‘10060 Connection timed out’. Clicking use passive mode with the new FTP program has the same result.
Multiple thanks,

Ill check the ftplog to see when the data is uploading and when its not uploading. Im back at work lol. I also forgot to renew the version yesterday. I always forget to do something when I cant think of what I need to do.