Ftp upload

I recently reformatted my hard disk. WD is working but having trouble uploading to my web site.

The ftp opens my isp but does not send files to the web site.
I am using XP and 69b.

Here is the log.
list of files uploaded*

actual messages from upload session*
Starting to Dial Connection: Earthlink Maynard
Open port
Port opened
Connect device
Device connected
All devices connected
Checking username/password
Authenticate: notify
Authentication: project
Authenticate: notify
Authenticate: notify
Finshed email agenda
Finshed email agenda, and more Internet agenda items to do…
Logging onto FTP server…FTP://www.fin-man.com/
ERROR: 11004: [11004] Valid name, no data record (check DNS setup) at time/date
12:00:00 AM 12/30/1899
Doing abort procedure/program close…
Disconnecting the modem now

Thanks in advance for the help.

Logging onto FTP server....FTP://www.fin-man.com/

What do you actually have entered in the WD box where it asks for the name of the FTP server?

If it’s “FTP://www.fin-man.com/” then try just “www.fin-man.com”.