FTP Upload not working

I’ve been trying to the FTP upload feature to work correctly on two different stations, but for the life of me I just can’t do it. I have tried everything. I have tried the newest version of WD and have even downloaded and unzipped the “old” version of the FTP program. Nothing works. The weird thing is the pages are UPDATED fine, but NEVER get UPLOADED unless I force them to do so. Does anybody have any suggestions? I’m really frusturated with this and am tempted to find a better solution, but would really like to get the upload feature working. Using WinXP Pro and WD v9.70a.

Hi Zachary

You don’t give us much to go by. This may be too simple but I do it once in awhile. You do have the main internet switch “on” under connections in the setup drop down, don’t you? I’ve gone off for a whole week already with that switch in “off”.

Also, your upload times are set up aren’t they?

Let us know how far you’ve gotten in the setup. There’s allot of places you can forget something. It does work.

I believe everything is setup correctly. The “Main Internet Switch” is switched on so that the green part of the button shows and it says “Main On”. I have setup all the upload times in both “Web Files Upload Times” and in the “Customize the Internet File Creation/FTP Schedule”, but it still won’t upload. Like I said before it UPDATES fine on my harddrive, but the pages never get uploaded. Sorry for not providing enough information the first time. I didn’t know what you guys needed from me to help. If you need something else, just let me know.

Forgot to meation that the clientraw.txt file is getting UPDATED and UPLOADED every 5 minutes or so like it should be. So me thinks the other stuff should get uploaded too, but that’s only in theroy.

Sounds like you’re close, but just something simple not set right. Have you got the FTP host data set properly in the “Connections” tab?

Also, once you set the “Web files” that you want to upload, hit the “Update HTML” button, then “Save”.

Go back to the “Webfiles Upload Times” tab, select the times you want (which it sounds like you already have) and then hit “Test Internet Update” and then “Upload all now”. You should be able to watch the test upload go.

Do you have the FTP log set to check for errors? Tick the “produce a log file” on the main setup". Then after an update, see if there are any readings in the FTP error log file (under view_Ftp error log file).

If there is anything there that should help with identifying the problem.


OK, I’ve tried pretty much everything everybody has suggested, but it still doesn’t work. I made sure everything was set correctly and even turned a few non-essential things off. It’s still behaving the same; updating the pages, but not uploading them. I have logs, but I myself can’t really make anything out of them. If somebody wants to take a look at them I can send them via e-mail. I hope I can get this figured out, because I don’t want to have to switch to another program and fork out more cash. :frowning:

There’s one more thing you could check for. Choose"setup" and then “customize the intenet file creation/ftp schedule”(it’s the 5th one down the list)…make sure that the overide is shut off(red). If it’s on(green), it won’t allow normal ftp uploads!