FTP upload and rename afterwards


It would be nice to have the FTP-program upload the files needed, and rename to the right name after that.

That way, you can avoid that people who access a file wich is beiing uploaded get half a file, because the entire file has not arrived yet.

the renaming takes much less time than the uploading.

Webcam32 works that way



its definately possble…it would take abit of recoding for me,.,and spare time is hard to find at the moment,but basicly i think this is a good idea


thanks a lot, there is no urgency :smiley:



if i just put a letter on the end (say t for temp), i.e like .gift …humm, that counds like a birthday present…some thing else…
anyway, thinking about it, it should be simple to do
trying now,…

hey, this is working, and works fast
it was easy to do
uploading a new vers 9.85e now

a new ver s9.85e, ftp vers 6.80, does this now
this should stop those half loaded images, completly blank screens, etc

Perfect, thanks a lot Brian,

Sorry for the late reply, I have been on holiday !