FTP Problems

I have been having problems with an “Open Port” message after uplaoding Hamweather data or downloading METAR data. The error prevents the modem from closing. I am able to uplaod data to my website without a problem. It happened after aI installed the new FTP program, and now after going back to the old one I cannot get rid of the problem.
The data is uplaoded but the port will not close.
Help please! Brian has been as usual very helpful but the problem is still unresolved.
I alos cannot download TIF or other image files, but I suppose that is another problem.

Mike B

is it still doing this with the latest vers of WD? (as i have not been able to duplicate)
note: teh old FTP will not have this issue, so you need to make sure you are actualy using the old ftp version, which is vers 11.25, and it should be available from here:




for the old version

The new verison is OK for dial up , except when it runs when the program is already running and is disconnecting the modem or dialing up the modem at same time…

Yep. I am definitely using the old FTP version, in fact I have most versions of my system to try at the moment. None seem to wrok. the old one works better than the rest as I can uplaod info to the website.
I’ve tried messing with the modem settings too but no change there either.
Could it be the virus prog I’m running, McAfee?
Even a recent computer upgrade has not helped, but then again i didn’t change the modem at that time. Running Windows 98 at the moment.
Thanks for all your help


so, that are the exact problems please?
i.e , what is going wrong?
note: if you have a firewall, you will need to allow a changed ftp proram trhough
also, you can still use an older ftp version with the current weather display version

I have been having problems with an "Open Port" message after uplaoding Hamweather data or downloading METAR data.
I had a similar problem when downloading a Forcast and METAR from NOAA. I think the problem is NOAA and a dialup connection. For METAR download only FTP v. 10.97 worked for me.

Thanks for you advice on the FTP problem. Mine is almost working from NOAA, but usually only one METAR updates. Can you advise where to get a copy of the 10.97 FTP, it might solve my difficulties.

Mike B

i think i can fix the current “old” ftp version…for the metar/ftp download
i havign been instead concentrating on the “new” ftp version

Thanks for your help with that if you are able to ‘mend’ the new ‘old’ version. I will await the changes when you can do them.

Mike B