Ftp Problem

I have curious problem. Two days ago, WD stopped updating my website via WD’s FTP. I was out of town and unable to look at the problem remotely. Got home an found the following in the FTP log:
FTPUPD.EXE started at 12:15:00 AM 9/25/2003
agenda items to do…
do aprs data send
Files to upload*
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\index.html
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\indexdial.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\sunmoonimage.jpg
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\moonicon.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\index.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\dailyhighlowbaroetc.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\summary.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\trends.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\dirplot.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\curr24hourgraph.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\curr48hourgraph.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\curr72hourgraph.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\forecasticon.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\localweather.gif
Local files: F:\wdisplay\webfiles\weatherbanner.gif
Remote files: index.html
Remote files: indexdial.gif
Remote files: sunmoonimage.jpg
Remote files: moonicon.gif
Remote files: index.gif
Remote files: dailyhighlowbaroetc.gif
Remote files: summary.gif
Remote files: trends.gif
Remote files: dirplot.gif
Remote files: curr24hourgraph.gif
Remote files: curr48hourgraph.gif
Remote files: curr72hourgraph.gif
Remote files: forecasticon.gif
Remote files: localweather.gif
Remote files: weatherbanner.gif
list of files uploaded*

FTPUPD.EXE finished at 12:15:13 AM 9/25/2003
Time taken = 0.05 minutes
Total bytes uploaded = 0 K

So as you can see, FTP gets ready to upload but does not. So, I checked all the FTP settings. Nothing had changed. Update WD to latest version, still not working. I did a manual update to make sure the ISP had not changed the settings. Worked fine. So, changed the FTP settings from every 15 min to every 10 mins. Changed back to 15 mins - did not work again. Changed to 10 mins update and worked great and has been for an 1 hour now.

No big deal I can leave it at 10. Just interested if anybody experienced this? Things that make you go HMMM :?: :smiley:

Running WD 9.92a with WMR-968
Windows XP, 2.4 P4, 512ram

I’m having an occassional problem with FTP not working because its looking for some date in 1899! Anybody else?

Follow-up, changed from 15 min updates to 10 min updates. This works for 10, 20,40, 50 but does not update at 00 and 30. This is interesting!!!

Is it possible that anythingweather is overloaded at 00 and 30 'cause that’s when everybody is trying to upload?

Mine does this too, the 1899 bit and everything. It has been going on for awhile and I think I have it narrowed to the metar and forecast downloads which go first. The gov server doesn’t respond it seems and everything times out per the internet idle time out XP is set for. Do away with the metar and forecast and everything sails smoothly.

I can’t vouch for either the aprs or wunder causing it, but I did turn off the Metar download and it still happened!


also check the ftplogfull.txt file for more info
but it would seem its the anythingweather upload that makes all the rest fail
(that should not happen in a perfect world though!)

Thanks for the suggestion Windy. I had already turned off Anything weather and that did not help. I just looked in FTPlogfull and I think I found the error:
Aprs data sending now…
ERROR: 11001: [11001] Host not found at time/date 12:00:00 AM 12/30/1899
Doing abort procedure/program close…

Cut off APRS for now to see if that takes care of problem :smiley:

APRS seems to be the problem. Everything working fine now. :smiley:

thanks to clambagger (who has now given up in disgust along with others)
I have fixed that date reporting bug for a non properly handled error (which is either due to the aprs server being down at the time or the noaa server being down or the aprs server being changed (you need to assign a different one to use)
its not my or weather displays fault when these are offline.
the bug was that i was simply no setting the date to the current time, and the 1899 year is the begining of the windows date formating system

in a new 9.93 uploading now

if anyone is interested