ftp problem failures on Windows Server 2008


I’m installing Weather Display on a Windows Server 2008 machine - the main program appears to be working ok but when I attempt to configure to upload to my website I get the following errors:

ftpupd.exe has stopped working
Exception EOleSysError in module ftpupd.exe at 000AC209 class not registered


Exception EOl2SysError in module clientrawrealtimeftp.exe class not registered

It appears to be a related fault between the two errors which suggests a common cause - any ideas?

try re installing the full version of WD again

Fantastic that seams to have solved that problem

New question however, can’t seam to get the wxfulldata.xml file to upload every minute.
I can generate it but I does not upload every minute - what am I missing.

need more information
are you using the customise internet and file creation setup, or?

I’m using the Internet File Creation & Upload options to upload files to my website.
Some are being created and uploaded ok others like the XML File (wdfulldata.xml) and the Conditions Colour file are not uploading dispite setting the file to upload every minute - it only works once when Upload this File Now button but it does not continue to upload the file every minute.

Additional information, the files are being generated every minute on my computer they are just not being uploaded by the FTP program.

are you using the every 1 minute function option setting?

Yes, as the override and within the file configuration screens -but I notice the check box is not present for the XML file or the ConditionsColour file on the list screen (#2) - along with several others at the bottom of this page.

it had not been intended to be able to have those files uploaded every minute
I could add that ability