FTP Password problem

Exactly where is the password for the FTP program now setup?

From what I can find it is the primary Setup screens under connecitons - however…

On May 18th my FTP program stopped being able to log into the ftp site - logs show Incorrect Login - however, on WS-FTP using same login name and password (yes, has been re-entered very very carefully to ensure it is OK) I can get into the FTP site.

The log shows a password length of 4 stars - whereas the actual password length is 8 characters - so where is the program getting the password from?

The registry contains the password (in plain text!!) so yes, I have been able to check that the password has been entered correctly.

Where can this also be changed from? (I notice that in v9.55b - the last version that works and starts for me, under setup and Customising the Internet File Settings option, there are provisions for 3 other FTP servers - however, the only one with any details in the boxes relate to an old FTP server and NOT the one that was active and working on May 18 - the last time it worked)

Any ideas please?

under setup, ftp/internet setup, connections, is where you enter the ftp password/username

but NT and windows 2000/ XP allocates more stars than the actual length of the password.

also, if you have a dial up modem, try resetting it, by clicking on get ISP, and select the DUN displayed

yes the username and password are in the registry file wdisplayftp.ini

but people trust me in sending me that file when i help people with setup problems that I wont disclose or use it myself etc (why would i do that anyway)…but you can temporirly remove it before export the regsitry entry wdisplayftp.ini before sending to me
the general ftp upload enables you to send the wd files or any file to a 2nd or 3rd or 4th ftp server, but the files are not updated at those ftp times, only at the web upload times, or by using the customise internet and file creation upload

That is where I have been changing the password - and, checking the registry entry, the new password IS being updated however, when it attempts to connect to the FTP site I am getting an FTP reject - invalid user name or password (both have been checked from the registry and Setup screen, in fact I have cut and pasted into WS-FTP and it connects fine.

I understand about the length of stars shown for passwords, however, the FTP connection only shows 4 ie half the length of the password and that isn’t ‘normal’.

No it is a cable conneciton so is connected all the time.

And re the comment about password in plain English - this is more the fact that is is available to any application that can access or get hold of the registry - I have passed it to you a number of times - my thoughts are, though, that in the registry it should be encrypted for security of the FTP site.

As a further suggestion - over time the structure of the Setup window has grown and grown so that now there appear to be similar items in multiple windows - now I hope you don;t take this the wrong way - but would it be about time to consolidate some of these ‘features’ or items? One in particular I am thinking of it the FTP set up - it appears to be in Connections, General FTP Functions, FTP/Metar Download, Data File upload/email and also outside the FTP/internet Setup page under Customise the Internet file creation/FTP schedule (which also requires FTP passwords - and, btw - where does it get and/or use the FTP information on this screen because, as I mentioned, this screen showed my old FTP server info and not the current one being used).

If you have not already ticked ‘use passive mode’ in ‘FTP/Internet - Connections’ try this, also make sure you have you remote directory sttings correct. My host ISP requires a ‘/’ at the end of the directory name. Also, if you have a firewall, make sure your FTP port is open.



Have already checked all these - the FTP transfer has been working for the past 2 years but suddenly stopped working on May 18th. Why? Don;t know - that’s what I am trying to resolve.

OK, try this.

I recently had a similar problem. I deleted several files (those updated at the time of each FTP and those within a 24 hour period - Not the historical files) from the ISP server. My FTP started working again at the next update. I don’t know the reason why this worked though. Also, my ISP used to restrict the amount of activity on my site on a monthly basis.


I hear where you are coming from - but WD is unable to log on to the FTP server - that is the problem. Because I have complete control over my web site I can allocate new FTP access names/passwords etc - because of the other issue with passwords being stored in the registry I set up a specific user that can only gain access to the weather folder/directory.

Unti May 18 this was working fine - at that point I tried to upgrade WD from V9.55 to whatever the current was around that time (9.72 or something like that) - it kept failing on startup so I went back to 9.55b.

After that I could no longer log in to the FTP server - the server actually rejects the username/password combination even though they ARE correct.

What I am seeing, however, is that when the FTP program (v5.7 btw Brian is the one I am using that works for WxUG and email OK) tries to log in, the login fails and so no files are uploaded to my site.

It does, however, manage to log in to WxUnderground and update that site OK.

BTW - Brian - when I tried the Win95/NT version this afternoon, neither the built in FTP program nor the standalone V5.7 would work with it - I kept getting errors every time it tried to log in to WxYG, Again, going back to v9.55b and FTP v5.7 worked fine (apart from not actually logging in).

Are you able to FTP to your web page using another FTP program?
If you would like to try another FTP program a free one is available from:
By using another FTP program to access your web page files you may be able to determine if WD, your ISP or logon setup is the problem.
I use WS_FTP LE to look at, transfer to and from and manage files at my WEB space.

try this race time, as a test:
install the latest version of wd (the win95/nt verison) to a new directroy
and create a file there called 2wd.txt

then it will start up as a new version
and setup the ftp in the connections window (yes there are quite a few duplication of settings, but it does mean you can use different ftp/mail servers etc)

wunderground and aprs just uses the internet http protocol, and it sends before any ftp login


Yes - as I mentioned in my message on Friday - yes - I cut and pasted the entries from the registry settings (to ensure they were entered correctly) and I got into the FTP site with no problems.

Windy - OK will try that shortly - just as soon as the gales we are having have stopped so I can repair the damage and remove the trees… :slight_smile: