FTP not working on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS & WD Linux Build 339

Has anyone had any luck getting WD Linux Build 339 running on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS system and getting basic FTP to work? I have had no issues installing running as a standard user. Permissions on folders and files set to rwx. I can also reliably connect to a Tempest weather station and create a customtext logfile. My issue is with FTP and SFTP. Log files, ftplog.txt and ftplogfull.txt, are always empty and never show any errors. I cannot get WD to download NOAA data even with all weatherstations removed. The main Internet switch and NOAA are on. I’ve tried reinstalling on a fresh 22.04 system 3 times now and have hit a dead end each time. I should note that the readme file says to install libwebkitgtk-3.0, but 22.04 comes with libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 and does not let you install libwebkitgtk-3.0. Some files attached that show settings… Can anyone help?

Screenshot from 2023-09-23 15-46-44|441x500

ftplog.txt (2.6 KB)
ftplogfull.txt (35 Bytes)

Here is an update after playing around with this for a few hours.

  1. The ‘test’ FTP download button for NOAA, Metar, or anything else in WD Control Panel > FTP Connections META/NOAA doesn’t work. What does work is the timed downloads.
  2. For WU, the 'Test a data send" button does work. So does the timed updates. What doesn’t work is the WunderGround Rapid Fire.

Both issue #1 & 2 appear to be related to the real time FTP which doesn’t work. There is nothing in the log file that indicates any type of failure. Without anyone else weighing in, I can assume no one else used either feature on Ubuntu 22.04 and has never been validated.

Anyone with additional thoughts on how to test or debug of cronftpreal?

To add to my issues with FTP, I’ve also had no luck getting SFTP to upload a single file with curl. When cronftpcurl is executed from the command line it kicks out an error because a there is no local file identified. The file curlsentdata.txt shows a -T {} with empty brackets and no remote file name. A single file is called out in the “General FTP” setup page. Neither the local or remote names are being picked up and inserted into the curl command. See below.

/usr/bin/curl -k --ftp-ssl-reqd sftp:// --user weather:XXXX -T “{}” -X HEAD -v &> /dev/stdout | tee -a “/home/weather/Documents/wdisplay/ftplogfull.txt”


[Grouped local filenames]

[Grouped remote filenames]

It looks like it is back to Windows for the foreseeable future