FTP/Hosting/Domain Registration

I currently have a free account with tripod.com. Well it looks like I am having some trouble with it and maybe I need to change services. I am just trying to understand all that needs to be done. So first do I need to register a domain name, for instance at godaddy.com? That would something like ???weather.com?

Then I need someone to host it separately? I see some people mention e-rice.net on this board. I have also see hostweather.com, but can find any current info on this product. Any other suggestions? I can’t do it with my current ISP.

Is that the basic steps that I need to start? Also, will godaddy.com be able to put ads on the domain I register and can I take it anywhere to be hosted?

Those might seem like silly questions, but I am not to familiar on this whole website thing. I just do enough to get by! Thanks for all your help.

You have it:

Register the domain, godaddy is fine.

Sign up for hosting service

The hosting service will give you the address of their name servers

Go back to godaddy and associate those nameservers (DNS) with your domain name so that the world will be connected to your website

Wait a bit, could be 24 hours for that address information to propagate around the internet

The hosting service will give you the ftp login info, enter that into WD.

Enjoy your new website :smiley:

I use www.2buckwebs.com to host my website. Costs $2 a month and they are absolutely fantastic. I got my domain name through yahoo small business and then changed the DNS settings to point to my web space.


I am not sure if this has changed BUT Yahoo used to be a reseller for an Accredited ICANN Domain Registrar, Melbourneit and I strongly recommend that anyone registering a domain, register it themselves directly with an Accredited ICANN Registrar…

So if nothing else, ensure the “Registrar” you are using is the “Registrar” and not a reseller for a Registrar… the problems I have seen as a result of using resellers…Oyyyyy #-o


Actually not all are that bad at all, you just need to get someone who knows what they are doing.

If you’re after a .com.au domain, do not buy it from Melbourne IT, as they are the most expensive ones around. I sell them for $59.95 for 2 years via my domain name site overflowdomains.com.au

You might find the .com/.net/.org aren’t as cheap as some though, but are comparable when you put them in to Australian Dollars. :slight_smile:

If you use a US registrar, you should not need to pay more than $9 per year for a COM NET or ORG. So $18US for 2 years.

Godaddy is a US registrar.

Domains names like SSL Certs are commodities and paying a lot for them when they are just as available from a reputable firm for less doesn’t make any sense.

Do you know of a reasonably cheap source of SSL certs that have good trusted root coverage? I’ve created my own certs so far and so have to put up with confirming that they’re not trusted whenever I hit one of my https pages. However it would be nice to have a trusted cert (not for sales) that wouldn’t cost $150-200 per year. I might pay $10-20/year, but it’s not worth spending a lot more than that.

$12/yr http://www.servertastic.com/store/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=94 from cheap ssl certs in google. But the prices vary so much there must be more to this methinks…

I just replaced several that were with GeoTrust (Last year they were $22 now they are $65) with the SSL Certs that Godaddy sells. They are trusted from StarField.

You can see one in action at


I put the seal on that page.

They are $29 per year.

At work, they were going to buy 2 SSL certs for 3 years for a cost of $770 ! Wow!.. they ended up having me get the two via Godaddy for $166 for 3years.


Why are there such huge price differences?

I registered with godaddy.com and e-rice. I set up the DNS to point to e-rice. I haven’t heard anything from e-rice in over two days, no email or any correspondence. Is this typical of them? Thanks for everyone’s help.

[quote author=nikoshepherd

Are you still using 2buckwebs? I have signed up, they have charged my credit card, sent me all the logon information including password which does not work. They continue to ignore all requests for help or to enable my account. I can only consider them a pack of thieves at this point, and I will be contacting my credit card to revoke payment if I do not hear from them by Monday.

I haven't heard anything from e-rice in over two days, no email or any correspondence. Is this typical of them?
I joined Friday @ 915 pm and received an email @ 1141 pm. Soon after I went and changed my nameservers where I have my domain and by the next morning It was already transferred and I had my site running yesterday afternoon. I opened up three tickets with them and had answers back within 30 minutes and resolved shortly after that. Plus my site is a lot faster than my old web host. I am happy so far.


Dang! I signed up about noon on Friday, got my confirmation e-mail at 2:40 in the afternoon.

I have emailed them, posted on their “support” link on their webpage, and tried my login’s repeatedly from the setup page which I printed out. any attempt to log in tells me that “customer information is not valid”, plus the fact that they have not responded at all to my issue.

I’m looking for an alternative provider, what other hosting services are people satisfied with?

My ISP is out of the question, as they just arent smart enough to support hosting. Charter Cable has a problem where something slowly eats my allotted 20M space, and even if I delete all files it shows that I am using 15M of 20M. Their support is pathetic and they just blame my client (I ftp directly from the command prompt)

Did you have a domain name already and did you change your nameservers to e-rices so your domain would switch over to e-rice. Here is the link to get into e-rice https://secure.e-rice.net/members/login.php. Have you setup you FTP. The only thing I did wrong was I uploaded my files to the wrong directory and I fixed that. Just trying to figure out what happened.


Is there some confusion here, mtn_man who did you sign up with? I don’t see a posting that looks like yours on the e-rice forum.

Chuck, that “I haven’t heard anything from e-rice in over two days, no email or any correspondence. Is this typical of them?” is in a post from back in January.

No I don’t think it is. I think for the most part it is the persons fault giving wrong email addresses, full mailbox, spam filtering and things like that. I had no problem at all with them. Most of the problems was my fault. They got back to me in minutes.


I signed up with www.2buckwebs.com.

Thanks for the clarification, sorry to hear it’s not going well…