FTP Hanging; NOAA Report Still 1 Day Behind


FTPUPD in version 9.83D is hanging; apparently trying to hang up a non-existent modem connection (I have the “permanent connection” box checked). FTPUPD eventually times out and dies.

Also, the NOAA report is still one day behind (e.g., July 7th posted on July 9th). Its been this reported several times.



FTP Connection Log:
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Checking for what else to do…
there are 1 more things to do
bla… bla…

Finshed email agenda
Finished email agenda, no ftp items to do…
Doing abort procedure/program close…
Will disconnect regardless flag is set…
Disconnecting the modem now

the disconnect regardless bit is a clue
dont have always disconnect when finished in the connections setup (but it still should not do that if you have permanent connection ticked)
Noaa: well, its OK for me, and I am sure i had fixed that
keep an eye on it
(maybe its a midnight thing as i use 9am reset time)

My NOAA report was a day behind till 9.83a. Now its updating the yesterday’s weather but I lost the first day of July’s weather. Only on NOAA report, so it seems to be a day behind. Regular daily report has all the days in July.


I reset at midnight, always have. The NOAA day behind has been an issue for a while and still is in 9.83D. Extremes is OK (see links below)

WIN2000/P4-1.5GHz/256MB RAM



Just to let you know, I’m also having a problem with the FTP not shutting down when it’s finished. It appears to be uploading all of the files OK, and supposedly disconnects, but the program isn’t shutting down. I have a cable connection, and I’m wondering if the FTP program isn’t waiting for the cable(DSL) modem to signal a disconnect (which of course will never happen), before the FTP program unloads.

As for the metars, I’ll have to check mine. I usually shut my PC down at night, so at present, I only have the metar from last night. I’ll check it in an hour or two, and see if it downloaded the current metar and then used it.

Running Version 9.83D.

i will do some testing wtih the cable modem option
otherwise for dial up modems like me, its working the best it ever has (for me anyway)
noaa and midnight reset
back to the drawking board then (i will do some testing)

if you have always disconnect when finished ticked under the connections setup with permanent connection ticked, then it will not close.
fixing now (but otherwise untick always disconnect when finished)

I hate to be the fly in the ointment but FTP v6.72 just hung up on me. I was on line when the dial up time came so I selected disconnect when finished but it hung the FTP and the phone line open on the next to the last file to upload. I gave it plenty of time and selected force hang up which it did.

The crazy part is next. The next time I went to get on the Internet I selected MExplore as usual and the FTP program came up instead. It connected and finished the last file (wml) it hadn’t uploaded previously and proceded to do them all again. I told it to stay connected which it did and the program dropped at the end like it should.

Hope the old one is still available. :lol:

uoops, that’s FTP v6.74, not v6.72.

Can’t read my own handwriting, sorry.

i have made some more improvements/fixes with the disconnect when finished in ver s9.83e

6.76 is the one to have
i have it now at


No joy with 9.83D, still getting disconnecting modem hang.


Oh yah, I have a broadband connection through a cable modem.

make sure you do not have ticked always disconnect when finuished under connections

ok, that worked. different config than what i’ve had but you can’t argue with success.

thanks brian!

one more thing… noaa report is still one day behind!

vers 9.84 fixes the noaa report being a day behind
( i have tested)

My NOAA report is not working it works on Averages\Extremes for day :July but on the Noaa Report day 3 is missing