Ftp does not disconnect


vers 28 c

Error message from ftp after uploding to my webpage

143 Busy performing current action, and it does not disconnect.

Therefore I go back to version 27e.


hi all,

vers 9.28c and before

FTP 6.25 seems to function but
won’t hang up while unticked have permanent
connection; starts over and over
Rainfall all days same values since three days ago
rain rate doesn’t work anymore: zero values
real time graphs hussled all date old sick back again

back to 9.25b now
(lost my battery status in this vers now)

if you have a dial up modem, make sure you have a dial up networking (DUN/ISP) selected in the connections page, and do not have ticked permanent connection
if you have ticked always disconnect, then it will disonnect even if it did not dial up (should do, i tested with being connected to a different DUN than that selected)

if you are already connected (and not permanent connection ticked) then it carries on

peter, increase the overall time out

the old ftp is still availbale, see the download page


I have selected a dial-up conncetion.
I have ticked always disconnect.

Which timeout do you mean?

My FTP connect timeout is 90 seconds, the timeout for slow connections is three minutes, FTP start delay 5 seconds.


the time for slow connections is the one i mean
its the overal time out
increase that one
3 minutes is not very long to allow all the files to upload on a slower dial up 56k modem !


I have a ISDN-connection, fast then 56k.

But I have increased it, no chance!