Frost Number

Hi all,

Confrontated here with a old fashioned winter with very cold days (-10C>)
and snow I red in the newspaper our Frost Number for the moment = V7,9

Brian is it possible to add this at WD ?

This is the link with formulas etc (for as far you didn’t know yet :wink: ) (there is an English version)

btw: did you recieve my wdisplay.ini + wdisplayftp.ini for that (metar)icon ? (just checking!)

Sorry to be so dense, but are you looking for a frost warning? If so there is one in the path setup > set weather warning email. On the left side of the form.

No Rupp, I have ticked that already

Question was to add this value to WD (mainscreen, all time records etc) so that we can see that Number for this running winter

To be true: I had never heard of that FN before, so nice feature I thought :wink:

ok Brian is busy, :stuck_out_tongue:

has someone implamentated this feature (Frost Number) with an own application (java etc) ?

I know the formula from the internet but not how to get it in WD

i will have a look at this soon
sorry ed, no email with those ini files (you have had this trouble before)

ok I’ll do it by now

recieved by now, Brian ?
just checking

yes, and i did reply that i did
still to find time to check…have a back log of stuff people have sent me

this was the latest mail I recieved

ok, got that ok also zip and email me your latest.inf file and try setting the minutes to check back for rain to 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes, as for your station type, the data is only updated to the file every 10 minutes

I did set it back to 10 min and testing…
ok, thanks so far (btw: how is health ?)

eye infection much better now after antibiotic drops (but it did jump to the other eye, and the eldest daughter got it to (conjunctavitise)).
thanks for asking :slight_smile:
the opposition software must be laughing all the way to the bank!
first the web site went down, then i cant see to good with a eye infection…they must be going, good job!

I should say: opposition software ?! what opposition software ?

With this WD community and your personal support we got something to win any software ‘battle’,

btw: by Wd I’m ‘famous’ here in our village and around :smiley:
I’m always surprised when people discovered my webpages and look every morning/evening at it to see conditions and forecasts !

Naming WD is prominent on my webpages so it makes it a little commercial as well keeping up the stuff !

they all hate me
simple as that
oh well


There is a secret reason why Weather display is doing so well-but I won’t spell it out here [Got to keep the opposition guessing]
If they all hate you-so what. 8O You must be doing something to upset them. :lol:
Maybe being too successful with your program. :roll:
They will never catch you because luck is a four letter word spelt WORK
Keep up the good work. LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

i think its more they think i am a useless programer, and wd is full of bugs, and crashes all the time
but i try hard…

Ceep it small, that’s the word !
the more employments the weaker the kernel trade

I think you’re right talking about luck
but this is a semi proffesional with a low
overhead and a lot of time powered beside a
profesional leaded farm.

I think that’s the power…
not the big end counting manager making targets
(know every thing about that)

but it costs a lot of time and support from a family
(and a father in law :smiley: )… they must be ‘crazy’ from
him and his weather community :roll: :slight_smile:

Anyway, what was the topic ?
Coming weeks expecting frost again and cold
februari days !

i think its more they think i am a useless programer, and wd is full of bugs, and crashes all the time but i try hard....

Hmmm…suprised about that ?

Let’s see: One look at the features topic pages learns me 200 topics from juni 2002 till now with suggestions…

A lot of theme realy where implementated in WD, had to test out for about
10 or 20 or more several station types…

Other 3 th parts are not yet split-less in the program but thats coming …you can work it out !

then we have a program started only 2 - 3 years ago …your not a fulltime programmer with a fast bolide in Redmond working 14 years only at his part of a worldwide accepted but monstress thing …but working in nature and that explanes your fascination for weather and all around that …watching it with a tool of our time called software

Things enough te make it very interesting to people like us, making a two directions dialoge in a community and the result is - yes really - a commercial program carried out all over the world…

H ed
thanks for all your nice comments and support
hey, nice mug shot!
i have looked at this formula, and I should be able to add it …

ok, ontopic again,

Brian, we have here still some frost days (don’t know
for how long it’s a little up and down with King Winter)
I think you’re behalve on the beach there…but
is it still possible to think about this feature

if you’re to bizzy I’ll wait till next winter :lol:

i did look at it, and we can use retrospective data, so its not all lost…
it was just the determining of a frost during the day I was a bit worried about…
does that mean i owuld have to calculate when sun rise/set was each day?