FOUS and READY/GFS data over 24 hours old

Hi guys, I’m still getting the error:
"The following irregularities or errors were encountered during WXSIM’s last run for Jupiter…

FOUS data over 24 hours old - consider obtaining more recent data.
READY or GFS data over 24 hours old - consider obtaining more recent data."

Any suggestions? Have links to these datasets changed?

Anybody else having this issue???

Same problem here now - no GFS data

I broke the web server software yesterday and that will be stopping the GFS data downloads from my server. I should have the GFS data feed part fixed in the next couple of hours so it should start working again.

The problem that started about 12 hours ago has now been resolved. That’s not related to the problem reported on 2nd Nov though.

Just to confirm I just downloaded Chris’ data from 12:00 11/11/17 with no problems.


Thank you for the confirmation Stuart :slight_smile:

Hi Chris
I ran mine about 20:45 and got the same data as Stuart, but for some reason I thought your data updated every 6 hours, clearly I am wrong and it only updates every 12 hours.

It does update every 6 hours but it takes about 3-3.5 hours past the forecast time for the data to be made available for download, then to be downloaded, processed and ingested. So the 18:00z forecast is probably available at about 21:00-21:30z.

ok understood