Forum software update - What's New - 7th July 2024

What’s new


Improved navigation for mobile

The menus have been changed with more spacing for easier touch targets when on mobile.


Video thumbnails

When uploading or linking a video, the composer will now show a thumbnail image in the composer preview.


Redesigned bookmark menu

The new bookmark menu allows quick options for you to set reminders alongside custom options. You can also edit or delete these reminders. Available in topic footer buttons.


Chat from user profile

You can now directly message users from their user profiles by clicking on chat


Cleaner keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts screen gets a refresh and now includes a separation between sections making them easier to scan and find your shortcut.


More options on modals for mobile

Modals now pop-up by sliding up and you can swipe down to close modals. There are now more action options on the left and right side of the titles.

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