Forum seems painfully slow for me today 31/10/05

Is anyone else finding the forum server painfully slow today. I must be waiting what seems like a long time to just load the first page, probably 25-35 seconds some times (feels longer though).

Edit: Just posted this and when I go back to the forum it seems to have speeded up! Oh well…


FWIW I haven’t noted any loading issues and I have been checking back and forth since 8:00 AM ET… :slight_smile:


It was very slow for a short period this afternoon, but is up to full speed again now.

I can’t say for sure that this was the issue, but for brief periods at the moment the forum may be a little slower than normal. There are some new MML features that are currently being tested and this means running a number of duplicate server processes (one for the live system and the other for the test system). Sometimes these clash and everything goes a little slow for a while. If all goes well the new mods will be ready for release in about 3 weeks and we can then revert to single processes (just live) doing all the work which should make things better.

Ohhh Boy! New stuff :wink: