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Is there a way to list all posts to all forums in the past 24 or 48 hours?

I tried the advanced search, but it only seems capable of searching by topic.

It depends on what you’re trying to do. Advanced search for ‘e’ (it’s difficult to think of a post hat hasn’t got an ‘e’ in it), between 0 and 2 days and sort in ‘Most recent posts first’ shouldl list all the posts in the last two days, but you’d still need to click on each one to read it.

is there a way chris, where you already have, the last 10 posts (at the bottom of the forum), having say the last 50 or 100 posts?

That’s what I would have thought but it seems to me that it only shows each thread that has a new post within the period, it doesn’t list all the individual posts even if you select the show messages option.

You can always go directly to all unread posts;all


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I’ve had some less than positive experiences with it too, but so long as I use advanced search and don’t use the “most relevant” option it works pretty well for me most of the time.