Forum management

I’m about to try an experiment in managing the forum a little differently. Initially I’ve recruited one extra moderator and there’s another volunteer in the wings once I’ve proved that the setup for the initial mod has worked. Here’s what we intend to do:

  1. When bugs are fixed and suggested features have been added, we’ll lock the discussion threads off to stop them expanding off-topic. After a few weeks we’ll move the locked threads off to an archive area. This will have two main benefits. Firstly, it gives a clearer view of bug awaiting fixes and features awaiting adding/Brian saying whether he’ll add them or not. Secondly, it will hopefully give Brian a boost when he sees the number of outstanding bugs reducing and the number of fixed bugs increasing :smiley: It would be really useful if bug reportees or feature suggestors would add comments to threads when their bugs are fixed or their features are added. You could always say ‘Thank You’ to Brian as well as doing something to help the mods work out what’s finished and what isn’t :wink:

  2. Where we see messages posted in the wrong forum, e.g. a question in the bugs forum, we’ll move the messages to a more appropriate location :scatter:

  3. We’re also going to experiment with splitting threads which are discussing two unrelated topics so that each one can be tracked/closed independently :agrue:

I’m convinced we won’t get this new management process working 100% from day 1, but I hope it’s more or less right. If there’s anything you don’t like (or do like :slight_smile: then post a message in chatter to tell us. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be happy to be told I’m wrong and I’ll look for a different way of running things.