Forecasticonstation.gif causing FTP upload to stall

I have been having issues with my CPU locking up every so often and I might have found the reason. As we speak, my ftp symbol in the task bar is just sitting there with the yellow up arrow. When I highlight the arrow, it says 100% forecasticonstation.gif

In the task manager, it is taking half the CPU and is eating up ram…so I am thinking that after this stalls for long enough, it kills the computer.

Am I able to stop this file from uploading? is it needed? I have noticed this several times and just manually kill the process when it happens but the more I think about it, I think it is the reason why my computer is locking up/crashing.

which version of WD (and which version of the Ftp program)?
also try ticking use passive mode

Have the latest…just installed it a few min ago actually thinking it was my comp so swapped computers this time around. 10.37N. How do I determine the ftp version?

Everytime I go to Control Panel → FTP/Internet Setup → Web Files Upload Times and Av/ext and click upload all now…it does it. When I type…it is very delayed and it just eats CPU and Memory when it is stuck on that spot.

I have it set to upload every 5 minutes and that does not stall at all…it just appears to happen when the upload all button is used and that particular file goes up…every time.