forecasticon advanced internet settings problem

Hi Brian,

I do have troubles with advanced internet settings:

when setting another width/height of the thumbnail pict, that settings are not being saved.
Picture has always same dimension.

Also there are 2 different pictures: that one which is uploaded is differing to that in the mainscreen on the advanced internet setup side. please see below


advanced forecasticon.doc (110 KB)

forecasticon2.doc (79.5 KB)

Brian, did you found that bug, yet?
I’d like testing it… thanks!

Problem still exists - any solution avialble?


the component I was using to create thumbnail images, had a dll file in use, called gdiplus.dll, but the problem is that dll file caused too many problems with nvidia graphic cards
and so I have to use a simpler way of creating the thumbnail images…until I fine a replacement
(and in my rewrite of the code I must have stopped the size settings from working correctly)
howeever if its just the forecasticon that you want to be smaller in size, then i could add ability to set the size of that image anyway…

yes, having the ability for that forecasticon make it to smaller size would be great and appreciated
Could you add that please?

also - why there are 2 different images mainscreen/webpage (as shown in my screenshots)?
Could you please clarify, that because I did not understand… thanks.

i have found and purchased another thumbnail creation component
which works with no dll files needed and does not need to show/flash on the screen either
its working well in a test here, the thumbnail creation, now :wink: :smiley:
build 04

so thats good news

Brian, I do have still great problems with that:
that dimensions of forecasticon and forecaststationicon does not change. (forecasticon as always 225 x 225 pixel)
…any ideas ? the new componet you are now running in the programm does not work here. and I tested all possible settings with thumbnail creation, but no sucess.

also, how could uploading of forecaststationicon beeing stopped?
its now 10.37c_built 10 - the latest one.


Brian, please could you have a look into that? or do you have any advices for resolving that problem?

Thanks a lot!

i tested the thumbnail creation and it was working ok for me
but i will do a test with the forecasticon in the customise internet and file creation setup