Upgraded to 9.73 and on the second boot the forecast gif will not populate. The zone file is there, selected correctly, but does not populate the gif. Several tries, of course. Anyone else? OT:what were the 73 changes?

Any errors reported in the program error log? (View > Errorlog)

No blank just like the forecast. It also seems like the forecast file selection does not survive a reboot.

always exit wd with save and exit before rebooting
try that
and try deleting the forecast file, and downloading a new one, and then see if it works…

I’ve done all that Brian. I’ve even tried to see if something unrelated was causing it, such as a summery icon, etc. The zone file is there, it is being uploaded in text form, I’ve deleted, moved directories exit and saved, hard reboot, everything. The gif will not populate and it started with downloading .73.

I’ve come to the conclusion it just doen’t like me! Also, I can not keep the html line in any of the datahtm files unless I’ve clicked, let me manage #2. That shouldn’t be happening should it? Unclick and the line goes away in any of the datahtm files. But it’s just uploading a blank gif anyway.
Thanks for the response.