Forecast reports not uploading properly in 9.3x versions


I have W-D uploading our zone forecast and any special weather statements to my custom weather page from FTP downloaded info from the NOAA. This has been working fine for over a year.

Sometime after 9.24 these reports are being truncated after the expiration date in the first line of the reports and are not displaying properly. I’ve tried several versions but the last good one that will display the pre-formatted text (that I have) is 9.24.

In addition, when trying to revert to 9.24 from one of the 9.3x versions, I have to manually deleted the downloaded .txt report file from my webfiles directory and let wdisplay download a new copy in order to get it to display on the pages again.

Seems rather odd. Hoping you might know what the problem is with this, Brian.


please try the latest verison
it now reads in more than the first line
but, there may still be a problem
i will try and find that older verison in a back up to see what i changed
download.txt…not sure what you are refering to there, sorry

Hi Brian,

Thanks for looking into this. If you need any more info let me know.

By “downloaded .txt” I just meant the forecast and warning files from the NOAA. They are just plain text files like “TX048.txt” and such. For some reason when I’ve tried 9.3x versions and they don’t work, when I want to revert to my last 9.24 version I have to clear my previously downloaded forecasts (the .txt files) and let the program retrieve them again from the NOAA’s FTP site before they will display on my custom page again. Weird.

I’ll try the latest version and let you know.


Hi Brian,

Tried 9.35a and while the reports aren’t being truncated after the expiration date, the html generated doesn’t seem to be honoring the

 tags. The reports are being uploaded in one long line of text.

You can see this at if you’d like.

I’ll try whatever you suggest.


yes, i am not sure why
(this only applies to the %metar/report% tag

as the same procedure works for a metar!

the CR and LF controls are in the text downloaded, but the

  method is not forcing the word wrap…is there some other html tags that can do that?

i tried experimenting by forcing in some CR and LF , i,.e #10 and #13, but that did not work

the default html page acualy loads the file an incorprates it in as extra lines of text, but by using the custom tag replace method, extra lines of text are harder to force in
but i will try again soon


i have the forecast/report inserting correctly into the %metar/report=% custom tag now (i.e more than the first line is shown, and the line is now no longer 1 long line (as long as you have the

 tag in use))

I was on the rigth track by forcing in a CR and LF, i was just doing it quite correctly, and a few days away from wd to re cahrge me batteries helped

uploading vers 9.35b now, look out for it

Brian and all,

I am experiencing the same problems using the %metar/forecast% tag, the one long line of text for the forecast yet the metar working fine. Thanks for looking into this Brian and good for you, taking a much deserved break from WD!

One question I do have… the instructions say to make the name of the file parameter 15 spaces including the name of the file. I have found I need to put in at least 16 total spaces. I’m curious why the need for the correct amount of spacing?

I’ll D/L 9.35b and give it a try!


Randy – KK6RW

9.35b ready now
also, no spaces needed now
so it can be like this:

it has been like that for a while now, but i have just fixed the instructions

Ed rom Holland, you will be OK now…with 9.35b