Forecast french

This weekend I registered WDL (5.01) and presently I’m setting up my webpages. As I’m in France I’d like all text to be in french. I succeeded but for one (small) point. It’s the word “Forecast” preceding the forecast string generated by my VP2 (I finally managed to get all the data coming from WD in the ‘raw’ files in french :D). The word forecast is clearly generated by WDL as I’ve changed to several other languages and the word adapts. My questions are therefore: a. can I change this myself and if yes where? b. if negative can this be changed in a forthcoming release to "[b]Pr

Updated for next release


Merci beaucoup Julian :D.

While the next release is not yet published, could you also change the wind labels to read O for W (Ouest for West), like NW becoming NO etc… Thank very much in advance.

Updated for next release.