Forecast enhancements

Hi Brian

Great addition being able to input our forecast/warnings on the web page!!

Could you possibly give us the option to change the font style, colour, and size??

…and maybe add a

before and after to space it from the gizmo and the scrolling records?

Once again, you keep proving you have the best weather software around!

Thanks - Keith

I may be wrong but I think you can go into the file created for the upload to the web and add these options using HTML just change the code to what you want.


At this time we cannot because there is no option to manage the datahtm1 file… any changes made are wiped out at the next ftp update.
Hey Brian… maybe you can just give us that option?


You stated "Great addition being able to input our forecast/warnings on the web page!! "

Where and how is this accomplished? Do you just edit the datahtm# pages or is it easier than this?

It has been added to the ‘Input Daily Weather’ option.


kfarm, go to the web files #2 setup in the ftp setup to change the colour/font
(do you want a spacer did you say?)
I added that at the same time, as i knew that would be the next Q!

rupp, there is a custom tag to for this input text

this was someone elses idea, not mine :slight_smile:


The htm code for the forecasting line is located in the datahtm1 file, right under the gizmo code. We can’t change anything in this file as of now.

Am I correct in this?


please re read my post
you can set the colour and font in the web files #2 setup
but otherwise to take control you can create your own custom web page

Let me get this straight. The scrolling forecast that you have on your Weather Display page is a result of inputting the forecast/warnings on the web page? Which field do you key the information into?

I’m sorry Brian… sometimes you gotta beat me over the head so I can think/see straight :slight_smile:

I got it now.



It’s under the “INPUT DAILY WEATHER” option at the top of your main display.


I know I’m being dense here but do you enter it in the large text box at the top left or the “My local conditions are” field? I’m running WD ver 9.38a and maybe it was added in a later version?

######### UPDATE ############
I downloaded 9.40C and there it is. Its hard to find when its not there. Thanks for the help K.