Force Webcam Refresh

I’m using the Saratoga custom php scripts and have no problems other than the webcam page which does not refresh when the link is followed - it always requires a manual refresh of the screen.

Is there something I can add to the php to ensure a refresh is automatically performed when the page is opened?

The page contains the following if it helps:


<?php include("header.php"); include("menubar.php");

<?php langtrans('Webcam'); ?>

The webcam faces south west and uploads a photo every 10 minutes between dawn and dusk

<img src=""



Opening the page itself should give you the latest image. The only time this may not occur is if you’ve been on the page and then revisit, the last image may have been cached in your browser and that’s why you see it again.

You could try this Java script to auto refresh just the image:

This works well in my experience:

<img src=“<?php echo rand(); ?>”