For Sale - Meteohub with ALIX.3D2 system

My Davis VP2 system is now dead, and I don’t have the money to invest in a new system. So I’m selling what bits I can:

Great little low powered system to upload to any or multiple weather service online.

More details over at meteohub - de

What is included in this sale:
1- meteohub license (transferable)
1- ALIX.3D2 system complete with case with the meteohub license attached to this hardware
1- Transcend Compact Flash Card 4GB Industrial Grade (installed in ALIX with meteohub software)
1- Spare Transcend Compact Flash Card 4GB Industrial Grade
1- Power supply for ALIX

You will need the weather station that can connect to this unit via USB, or that can send data to it via Ethernet.
(look up the meteohub wiki for a list of compatible weather stations, and all the other details you will need to make this work for you.