Folks with cloud sensors

found it…it had not gone far luckily…i need to make it more permanent

I, that was lucky, but wasnt it attached by a cable or was it just the
polystyrene housing that did one?

the cable/sensor was pulled from it and left behind, LOL

oh dear lol, oh well least ya got it back :slight_smile:

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting 2 or 3 tight fitting discs cut from some oddments of 50mm/2" polystyrene sheet into a short piece of 100mm/ 4" plastic vent pipe, dishing out the top layer of polystyrene, then wrapping film over it. It should be possible to fix the pipe pretty securely to a post or rail, I hope.

The bit I worry about is how robust the film would be to winter weather.

Also, what about beads of water (or even snow) on the relatively large and flimsy horizontal surface?

The glass jar may not be as IR transparent as film, but it is robust - so maybe there is something to be said for sticking with what I have (and that seems to work reasonably well)?

What about 2 layers of the film?

Mount it a bit off level vertical, or cut the top of the tube at an angle.

Yes, A slight angle seems like a decent solution.

I believe that Brian’s had several wraps, so that makes sense.
I might give some thought to a little separation between layers.

I suppose we are trying to achieve a micro-environment that notices any heat the sky is offering, but doesn’t hang on to it!

one of my webcams has low light function
when the moon is out one can see clouds


What make of Camera are you using?

this is the camera
the previous model worked much better in low light.
Tonight there is a few clouds around

maybe WD can use the image and if any white clouds showing (ignore the stars) it can say cloudy ???

That’s great - an infra-red camera with a moveable IR filter for normal colour in daytime, but ultra low light capability at night - .03Lux down to .005Lux with a special slow frame feature. It also has 22X Optical Zoom with AV PAL out for a PCI AV/TV capture card (to purchase separately I think) to receive in to the PC. Not too expensive either based on the image quality!


Does look like a cool camera, its a bit more than i would like to pay
just for a weather cam though :frowning:

Hi all,

I’m the webmaster of and seeing the traffic coming from this site I decided to take a look :).

Anyone wanting help to get a cloudwatcher online just contact me (email should be visible) or reply to this message.



I like the disclaimer “This site is in beta testing, drenched telescopes will not be refunded” :lol:

I had a good chuckle over that too. :lol:

it won’t be so funny when it actually happens :slight_smile:

As an aside, I’m looking into supporting other types of sensors as well (IR sensor, black body temp sensor) so people who have such devices can also contact me.


Here you have a good bunch of people with black body sensors (including me).

great, are any of you interested in integrating them into the website?

What I’d require from you: publish regularly (every 5min?) your sensor result.

Typically I’d expect to surf to and get as content of the result.txt the current readings of your sensor. I’d propose to use the boltwood ascii format (kind of a comma separated list of values) but if that’s not doable, naked numbers are fine too. I’m not a difficult guy 8)


We all have the sensor result integrated in Weather Display, showing the sky condition trhough an icon or text. If Brian is interested (WD author, “windy” in the forum) surely can add an export option in the format you would need.

Here you have a long thread where we have been discussing about black body sensors: