Flyout menu and win8 rt and ie10 problem

Flyout menu isn’t working properly when using ie10 With win8 rt (surface) and With winphone8. Working fine in win8.

I have updatet to feb 05 update from Saratoga.

Any idea how to solve this?


Regrettably, I have neither a Surface tablet nor a Win8 phone, so I can’t test/debug it for you :frowning:

The flyout-menu generates a pure CSS menu structure (no JavaScript is involved), so it sounds like an IE10 on Surface/Win8 Phone issue to me.
That basic CSS has worked with IE6+ (and other browsers) for years now.

You might try looking at the original source of the 4-level CSS-only flyout menu at
and see if it works or not on the Surface and Win8 phone.

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Hi Ken, thanks for Your reply :blush:

The menu in the link behaves in the same way.
If i press and hold, the sub menu appears but not possible to activate it.


Did you ever find a fix for this problem?

I have noticed it as well, it seems to be a problem with the touch interface as it works fine with a mouse

No fix. Hopefully updates from MS in the future will fix the problem? :slight_smile:
Didn’t know a mouse fixed the problem :slight_smile:

Just tested With type cover and it Works perfectly.

I have only been using Surface without keyboard/mouse.

Thanks for the info. Much more happy With Surface now :slight_smile:

OI! Go figure, another Microsoft product not truly HTML compliant. I vow to never own a WIN8 device of any type. I will stay old school where I and only I have the ability to do what I so desire and not allow MS to dictate to me what I can/cannot do with my own device(s).