Floating point error on 88a

i had a 'hang’problem last night. I rolled back to an 85 version. I don’t have the detailed log info…but it showed a floating point error (103?) and said that it wasn’t able to save the wdisplay.ini file this morning.

sorry about that
its the new re calculate each minute the max et solar radiation for the time of day for the lat/long (if you have that set under setup, solar setup)
i had the same problem on the 2nd verison (which I did not realised until it was too late)
i have fixed it now, in vers 9.88d, upoading now

I will give the new one a shot!..thanks

I know, I should be running the most current…but my system is 100 miles away and I don’t like to make special trips…so I try to stay a bit behind in my release to make sure it is stable.

I originally posted this problem when I had updated to the 9.88(a?). I rolled back to 9.85 which had been stable for me. Then I got your note Brian that said there was a problem with 9.88a and that 9.88d should be fine. I was already gone, so couldn’t try that version. So now I am puzzled why my 9.85 version has the same problem??

Here’s what I found in my program error log on 9.85 (after everything had flatlined - including my wind speed - which rarely has a problem even when the others flatline).

“Error Invalid Floating Point Operation at 12:02:03 am”
“Error Invalid Floating Point Operation at 12:02:05 am”
“Unable to Write to WDISPLAY.INI at 1:15 pm”

I restarted the application, and all seems fine for now. Would my move to 9.88a and then back to 9.85 have caused it a problem?

is that all that was in the program error log?
that error is a divide by zero error
i wonder it is doing at that time of the night to cause that…
the unable to write to the wdisplay.ini is strange,…

what puzzled me - is that I haven’t received this before trying to upgrade to the 9.88a. I had the same thing happen with 9.88a and then again once I moved back to 9.85.

Could it be something to do with the nightly roll-over?

yes, its something wd is doing then…that is upseting it
it does do the daily averages/extreme at that time
action, update averages/extreme, and see if that same error occrurs then
if it does, then there is some bad data it does not like
(in the log file and or the grpah file…you could try converting the grpah file to logifle, under action, import log files, convert wd log files to grpahs, but tick convert graph file to log file