Hi all!
My Flashgraphs are not displayed properly in Firefox, but they work in Explorer. How can I deal with it.
How hard I try I do not get the whole graph, as you can see below. I have read all the posts on the subject but not found an answer. Grateful for the help.


Can you give us a link to actually view the graphs?


Yes, here are the graphs. http://www.magravaeder.se/Flashgraphs/flashgraphs.php

they look fine here in FF version 3.6

Ok here too - FF 3.6

Very strange. I have tried two different computers with win7 and firefox. My computer does not display graphs properly, but the other computer shows it correctly. We have the same resolution. Does anyone have any tips.

Try clearing your caches, have you checked that you’ve got the lates version of flash player?

Hi again!
After trying to clear cash, disable the plugin and so on, nothing helped. So I tried to reinstall Firefox, and then it worked.
Thanks to everyone who helped me with tips and more. This is a great forum.
Best regards