Flag to upload monthly records?

where is the flag (and what’s it called!) to upload the monthly historical data? I can’t for the life of me find it!

For example, the files I am looking for would be called “jan2003.htm” etc.


Go to: Setup/setup ftp etc…/webfiles upload times. At the top center is a box to check for: do daily uploads for averages/extremes. (It’s the middle check box)

that did it! Thanks

Now, is there a way to recover the months of data that I didn’t upload while having this turned off?

Your welcome!..To update(create the .htm’s)for your previous month’s/years data, go to: view/ show averages/extremes for month. Scroll to the bottom of the window (you may have to “scoot” the window up a bit)! At the bottom left you should see a button that says "Reset the web page averages/extreme. Select the month/year you want to update. (have patience, as it takes time for each one to process!) I don’t believe WD automaticly updates past month/year.htm’s. What I usually do, is go to: ftp/setup ftp etc…/General FTP Funtions. Click choose for each month/year.htm you want to upload. Then click “select file”( you have to repeat this process for each .htm). They should appear in the view boxes on the right that say “files to upload” and “remote files”. When your list(s) are complete, then click the “upload these files now button”. That should do it! Let us know "how it “goes”! (P.S. you may have to manually add the html code for each .htm, to your data#.htm file!)
Good Luck!

excellent stuff there cirrus