First time Weather Display

Hi everybody,
it’s the first time I use this program and I hope to write in the right place.
First I apologize, I can’t speak english very well.
I have a Weather station WMR-928N form Oregon Scientific with 3 added temp-hygro sensors; I would like make a diagram with indoor, outdoor, ant the 3 external sensors.
To view the extra temperature sensors View Panel → Extra sensors page : ok, I read the values correctly.
How can I add the indoor and outdoor temperature sensor at the extra sensor graph?
Then, I’ve seen I can make a custom log file: here the grater problem!
I’ve found the tags to view the extra temperature sensors (I can use %extratemp1% or %generalextratemp1% tags, they are equivalent), but I can’t find the tags for indoor and outdoor temperature: I’ve used %temp% tag but the value I read isn’t right.
Can anyone tell me wich tag use for correct in/outdoor temperature reading?

try the setup on the extra sensor graph, and there you should be able to plot the outdoor/indoor temperature, from memory

Welcome to the forum and don’t apologize for how well you speak English. You speak English far better than I can speak your language!

%temp% should be your outdoor temperature and %indoortemp% should be your indoor temperature. When you say the %temp% value is wrong, how wrong is it? Could it possibly be in fahrenheit rather than celcius?

that tag is what shown on the main screen
but there are celsius only custom tags only, etc

Ok, maybe a softeare error: I have re-installed windows and weather display, now it works fine.
Just another question: sometimes I reset my weatherstation because I loose connection with some sensors, maybe radio interferences (it’s shown --.-