First time using weather display....2 questions

It’s fantastic program. Now i. using trial version 10.17x with weather station Oregon Scientific WMR 928N with extra sensor temperature as solar sensor. 1. question. When i insert latitude and longitude in “Setup” it works ok with solar sensor. But when i restart program i have to reinsert again in setup latitude/longitude. Is it a bug? 2. question. I cant view the sunshine graph. For example today we had 9.5 sunshine hours. But two graphs of sunshine hours and ET are empty. I controlled the file 102004lgsun is empty. No number is recorded. Sun graphs are OK, ET graph is OK! Realtime sun graph is ok too. All seems to be connected and values are the same of my station.
I may set another thing?
Thanks a lot

under sun/moon setup
what are the numbers that you have there?
check under vier, program error log, for any error?
also, in the control panel, solar sensor setup, do you have the switch ON there, and do you have set the sensor number to use as solar sensor?

Ok. I insert coordinates from ROME LAT 41.53.33 - LON 12.29.31. When i restart program i need to re enter. No errors in program log. The line of my c\windows\wdisplay.ini is
(This line is after i restarted program)

new long=-0122931
new lat=0415333
new alt= 340
day all time=no
icon black and white=no
show on web?=yes
still ftp=no
text on web=no

For what concernes solar setup, i all setup correctly, sensor nr 1, all ticked (Maximum lat/long, save daylight, plot…etc…all is ticked) No errors in log program and sensor reads sun and ET correctly, but nothing is written in 102004lgsun

It will be a connection between LAT/LON and sunshine graphics?[/img]

email me your settings, and I will have a look here
go action, back up registry entry now
and then email me the files
wdisplayftp.reg and wdisplay.ini, from the folder databackup