First attempt with WDL, Gloucestershire England

Hi Folks

bish here, but currently logged in as bish2 due to an email and password hiccup!
Although I’ve been playing with WD for a while, I’ve just bought into WDL and uploaded my first page. Please feel free to criticise at, and perhaps tell me why my sun and moon box is currently looking a little odd (sun rise and set at 180… moon rise and set at 202, Moon at 225%!) Thanks.

There is bad data or a problem with the format in your clientrawextra.txt file. You can use the online parser to see what values are actually being provided to WDL in that file. There seem to be several reports of similar problems today so hopefully Windy, the author of WD, will be online later today (he’s in New Zealand) and have some ideas.

Thanks nico. I had a look (a very quick look) at the parser and my eyes started to glaze! LOL I’ll have another go when I have some time. In the meantime, I do like the look of the WDL display over the bare-bones WD output (which is not to take anything away from WD, it’s just prettier!). :slight_smile:

i have just fixed up the bug, hopefully, with the time having am or pm in the clientrawextra
download build 12 .zip

Thanks Brian, off to download. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m bish again! (Thanks Chris!)