Firefox 3

Anyone tried this yet? I downloaded the latest Beta because of some reviews. Mostly because of the display speed they were talking about. It sure seems faster to me and was just wondering if it was my imagination or it is really that much faster.

If you do try it be warned that only two of the add-ons I use are working with it. But I did install it in a different directory in case of problems.


Dave I tried a couple of the Alpha’s but none of my extensions worked and just couldn’t stand that, been meaning to get the .zip for the Beta and give it a spin.


I’ve played with both Version 3 beta 1 and now 2 (was using it last night). It is much zipper that version 2, but like Bob, there are some extensions that I won’t browse without and one I won’t develop without so I don’t bother much.

I setup a separate profile for it so I wouldn’t mess up my working Version 2.

Will wait until it is fully supported or at least some of my required addin’s are available before really using it though.

Ver 2 has had bloat and memory issues.