Fire Weather Index

I added a new Fire Weather Index page to my site:

Can anyone give me an idea if the numbers look right?

Grand Rapids, MI

Tim, not sure about your numbers but have you checked it by going to the WFAS website and looking at the map data for the closest station to your location?

This will give you the KBDI and fire index


And this appears to be your nearest RAWS station. It has a couple of fire weather related parameters on it. Not sure if you can make any correlations between this and your FWI.

From the looks of the predictions map I suspect you should be in the moderate range. Things must be fairly dry in your area. Whens the last time you had significant rainfall?

Actually I think he should be in the other extreme…wetter than normal.



Yep your right…I should have checked the keech-byrum index.

I’ve never gotten mine to do anything except show LOW.

I set it up (I think) several weeks ago.

Funny… I just looked to get a snapshot of it, and it now showing Moderate. I guess it is working.

I think I might have had the Manually Set Pointer set earlier today. That might have been the problem.