Fire Danger Indicator

Hi Brian,
Is there any chance you could implement the Australian Fire Danger Index similar to the the FWI index?
Some JAVA scripts here that may assist ==>

Happy to help in anyway I can.

cyclone wanted me to add this ages ago
i have this info:
looks doable
i just have to finish off some other things first :slight_smile:
(like 5 day forecast for europe, rain imennant icon…
only once a day for weather warnings individual switch…

then i have the list up to date!
(and the new request, non auto metar …

… and the solar temp from LabJack :slight_smile:

i have added Byram-Keetch Drought Index, Drought Factor and Forest Fire Danger Index
to a new 9.92a

its beta…
see under view, FWI data