Fine Offset HP1000 / Watson W-8681-PRO - anybody used one with WD?

HI am going to have to replace my Watson W-8681 soon as I am having intermittent transmitter issues. I have been looking at a Watson W-8681 Pro, shown here:

It seeems to be the same as the following:

Has anyone used this unit with WD and if so, how good/bad is it? I am not sure if it has a USB connection for data transfer but it does have wi-fi.

All comments welcome and thanks for listening!

Keith Gibbons.

Watson W8681 Pro.pdf (331 KB)

it can be used with WD via a wireless bridge software (there is a link to that in the setup to download)…that software intercepts the IP data to a csv file
If I had the hardware here myself I could work on direct support