Finding helpful information

Is there a place to help me find out how to incorporate certain weather related things into my website?

For example, I am trying to incorporate this image into my site so you are able to click the buttons and get direct information. The way I have it set up now is to click the image which take you to the noaa site.


The easiest way for that particular content would probably be either a FRAME or an i-frame:

I am sure one of the PHP Gurus would be able to write something using PHP to more elegantly incorporate it though LOL…


Thanks for the reply Bob. I am self taught in html and am still learning. I will do some ex piermenting to see what I can do.

The best way to learn and there is no end to the learning :wink:


The page in question, if you view the source, is pretty simple. It’s a couple of images and an image map.

You’d want everything including and between the table tags… and everything below the /html tag.

Indeed…I’m proud to say that I don’t have any formal IT qualifications…just 28 years experience from learning it for myself (well there might have been the odd job specific training course at work!) I don’t profess to be the worlds leading expert at it, but I think I stand up exceedingly well against a lot of recent ‘computing’ graduates. All IMHO of course :wink:

You guys are the best. I know I ask quite a few questions but that is the only way for me to learn.

I did what you said and that map works great!