Final PWS_Dashboard release on-line

For the daring, who dare to swim with the sharks :lol: , I put the latest release on-line.
It is a (LTS) LongTermService release which will be the release to use for multiple years.

From this release onwards, all updates and enhancements can be obtained by running a similar procedure as with other templates. You check regularly if there are updates, if so you click a button and the updated scripts will arrive in your download folder. You still have to move the scripts to your webserver yourself. That is what the majority of current users asked.
Readme =>

There will be problems as a lot has changed and dozens of small errors are removed.
But there will always be only one release actively supported and enhanced. And one place to find the updates. No more browsing through multiple discussion areas to find the updates.

Have fun,


I was asked: Why use the word “final”

Two years ago I promised to try to support the WD users 2017 weather34/ release.
On request from wxsim users, Weatherflow users and others the user base grew and the dashboard wandered away from what it originally was meant to be.
PWS_Dashboard took > 90% of my spare time, but it was worth it. Had a lot of fun with all of you.

Ironing out the newly introduced omissions (better word compared to errors ) will be probably finished before March.
After March it will be a small but pleasant task to continue to maintain the scripts as is.

I assume the PWS_Dashboard is mature now and I can spent my spare-time towards other scripts, such as the Leuven scripts, which need my attention also.


P.S. I locked the wish-list topic also.

I didn’t dare ask 8O

Two years ago I promised to try to support the WD users 2017 weather34/ release. On request from wxsim users, Weatherflow users and others the user base grew and the dashboard wandered away from what it originally was meant to be.

I certainly came in for WD. Out of interest, have you a rough idea of the proportion of different pws station users out there?

When I visit a site with a question or problem I make a bookmark, oldest ones are from 2017/8

55% use WD, most of them clientraw
12% WeatherUnderground
10% Cumulus
7% Meteobridge
nearly 5% weewx
and the rest use WeatherFlow, Ecowitt, WeatherLink, Ambient a.o.

It reflects nicely that WD was the first one supported and Ecowitt the last one.
Most weather-programs, also WD, natively support Ecowitt and WeatherFlow as a station also.


Hi Wim,

For those of us running the beta, could you include a readme file about which files can be copied over to this install that would keep setup modifications?


Sorry, I do not understand.
There is no public beta. This release is tested and available. No beta-testing needed.

There has been topics/questions how to move releases in the past.

BUT there is a big difference between 2019-July release and before
and later releases. Older releases used different units in different files.

If you are running a recent 2020 release just copy your _my-settings/settings.php and the _my-settings/history.txt
Run easyweather and in a few minutes all data-files should be loaded again.

It will take some time to fine-tune but from this release onwards, that is a one-time investment.
No new replace-it versions of PWS_Dashboard, only natural growth.


Thanks, that’s interesting.

And BTW we’ve had a lot of fun too! Thanks, Wim.

I figured it out, Wim. I like the new tabbed setup. I just copied and pasted from the older version to the newer version in setup. It only took a few minutes.

Great job!



Thanks for making this version/update available. I renamed the folder I had for PWS_WD and installed the new version from fresh.
After copying “settings.php” and “history.txt” I had to do a couple of more changes to make this upgrade work for me and I’d like to share these with other users:

The additional files I had to edit/upgrade included:

  • nws-alerts-config.php (for weather alerts)
  • frames.php (for extra menus)

Everything is working fine.

Thanks again!

Seamless update. I did the same thing, renaming the folder to _OLD and installing new scripts in a fresh new folder. Then copied settings.php and history.txt, and updated ecowitt/index.php with the id of the gateway and that’s it. :slight_smile:

When I refreshed everything was exactly the same. I thought I was still pointing to my old folder because there were no errors. :slight_smile:

I also tried the update script, it worked. I downloaded the updated files and uploaded them. Everything fine.

Great job Wim, as always.

Just a note for Wim: the language files also contain the labels for the extra sensors (soil, etc.). When I migrated the two sites I forgot to copy the language file, so I lost the sensor custom names.

A small suggestion: separate the sensor names in another file, extrasensor_names.txt or something like that, in _my_settings folder.

For the rest, the update was really easy, starting from scratch. Thanks again. :slight_smile: