Fill not showing up on web page for solar sensor?

Every time I make a change on the Web File tab on the FTP setup form the color fill disappears from the solar sensor graph web page that gets uploaded to the web? Its shows up fine on the extra sensors graph but not the one being uploaded ???

This is not a hugh deal but I don’t want to forget it. I turned on the wind direction graph yesterday and the solar sensor fill is still missing? It seems that any time I change something on the web page the extra sensor realtime graph solar fill disappears?

i have now ticked the fill option
but i have no problems
how exaactly, i.e steps, do you do, to make it not fill in on the image that is saved ? (extrarealtimegraph.gif)

I’m not sure what is causing it. It’s filled today and not tomorrow? The only thing I do notice is when I mess with the web page as in, turn on a new option like yesterday with the wind direction plot, it stops?

i tried that, i went to the webfiles setup, ticked something, unticked it, clicked on OK
its still Ok for me

The latest update in the daily saga. It appears that after a midnight update the fill no longer appears. The only way to get the fill back on is to view the extra sensors real time graph select OK and then the next web files update shows the filled solar graph. It must be loosing the filled option on either a midnight reset or a minimize? Any suggestions as to what to look for? I run WD on a machine that has no monitor so its a major pain to connect a monitor cable and view the extra sensors real time graph and then select ok just to get solar fill.

i am not sure why at this stage after a midnight (do you mean a averages/extreme update?) turns that option off
i cant check to see how mine is as its overcast and raining here

The option is never unchecked it just quits and I have to display the extra sensors real time graph in order to get it filled again? Maybe if I sent you my ini when its not working?

i have searched the entire program for where this set
and the one place where it is off by default i have now disabled, so for the next vers it might be OK
(it will only get enabled if you set it though)

That appears to have fixed it Brian. I certainly appreciate the effect and sticktuittiveness on this issue. Thanks a million. Greg

looking at the code, i cant see why, but thats computers for ya
yeah, mine has stayed on too (now that we have sun after 100mm of rain)
thanks for the thanks!