Files not updating

My files are loading fine on the site, but their not updating. It was working fine, but it seems that at 10pm they stopped generating new gifs.

I checked the ftp log and they are uploading Checking the file creation times, and not much happening there. I am with the latest version. I think I will throw caution to the wind and go back 2 versions

Brian- HELP

You might want to check the FTP remote directory. I had this happen to me Thursday, one of the WD upgrades had cleared the remote directory setting so the files were going to the root of my FTP account.


Thanks, but I checked that. The ftp was fine, but the actual icons in the webfile folder were not being generated beyond 10 pm. I went back to 952 and here I am sitting for a while until things are figured out. :?

Don’t know where my query fits - but over the last couple of days from around about V9.41 things have gone haywire on my web page - old files are popping up with Summary.gif and Webcam being the main offenders.
The refresh Button does nothing as does deleting the IE temporary file - still outdated .gifs!
I have reticked most relevant source boxes in the FTP etc SetUp menues.
Going back to earlier versions has no effect.

check you dont have ticked upload day time only, under web upload, in the ftp setup
check the files localy first:
i.e right mouse click on the main screen, then click on view my web page…
and or check the ftplogfull.txt file for errors (under view, ftp log, full log )

Hi Brian,

Meant to say the FTP log looks fine in all cases showing the correct uploading.

However as far as your advice goes, quote “check you dont have ticked upload day time only, under web upload, in the ftp setup” - I haven’t been able to find any “upload day time only” anywhere in FTP setup!

I am running V 9.52a at the moment.

Version 9:52d seems to have corrected things now as uploads have gone O.K.

Thanks for the continuious upgrades Brian.

hows it going for you joe??? (ardvark)

I fell asleep in front of the tele.

things look fine unde 53.