File not up dateing

[color=blue]I have completed the transfer of WD from my very old laptop computer to a tiny netbook with the Windows7 OS. and all appears to have gone smoothly and I have sorted out all the minor hiccup’s except one [FWIGRAPH.jpg ], the file transfer is OK with the correct date of the transfer, however the actual file creation date is 23/3 [as shown on the image] even after 24 hours of operation, I have set it up in the same place as others in the same transfer group and they all transfer OK including the file referred to.
I can’t find the file listed in the section where the the files are setup up to be created and transferred by times selected, I don’t think it is my failing sight as I got all the others right, but it must be me missing the point somewhere, any help to correct my shortcomings in this matter would be appreciated.[

Make sure the main switch is on in the Fire Weather Box along with a check in the upload to web site box also.

This is Under - View - Fire Weather Index.

This data is only updated once per day so you may need to let it run a little longer and make sure Weather Display runs the entire time.

Thanks Scott,
I did all that and it certainly started up the wanted graph, with the correct date. However when I pressed the “Test” button it only transferred the pointer part of the image to my site, I assume the main image will transfer overnight to the site, it is a bit frustrating that one cannot hand load a test image to the web site to enable one to check the site is OK without waiting 24 hours, when to the best of my knowledge all other functions can.

the next update of WD will upload the updated files to your web site when you click on test

Thanks Brian,
I am even more confused, I am running 10.37Q build 88 which I installed after transferring WD from the old computer, and your site does not show a later version or have I missed the point.
I have had a good look through the “Web Files” folder of WD and can not find an up to date version in either GIF or JPG format only old date copies, yet the in the setup of this graph section it now showes the correct date and the upto date graph but not available for update when trying to set up its lupload via the FTP section .

there has been some minor revisions to build 88
you can compare the file date/time on the download page to your WD file time/date too
nothing confusing about that

note , if using the customise internet and file creation setup then set the time to upload the FWI there (e.g daily, 1:10 pm for example)
otherwise it gets uploaded at the next sheduled web page update after either noon or 1pm