Faster refresh updates

Is it possible to make the refresh faster? Lets say every 2 seconds of 3 seconds. almost realtime …

You can adjust refresh times in PWS_blocks.php

Yes , and as @blainec says, the times are set in lines 79-93 of PWS_blocks.php version:|01|2021-07-30


Be aware that with “dashboards” all blocks are re-loaded individually.

In simple.php and most templates f.i. Saratoga or Leuven, all data is loaded once and all “blocks” are updated at the same time.
If you set the refresh at 30 seconds all data is refreshed at the same time every 30 seconds.

Dashboards reload each block at the specified interval.
The wind-block is updated every 40 seconds as that item changes quickly.

The forecast block every 1800 seconds as the forecast data remains the same for a long period.

But every block which is reloaded needs

  • the execution of all data scripts: clientraw, extra-data, snow-data
  • and supporting scripts with all functions
  • and translation scripts including the language-text-file.

An “enormous” :thinking: overhead for 1 or 2 changing values for some blocks.

Also, when making the refresh faster, the data-upload needs to be faster also.
No problem with an in-house server but most providers do not like FTP uploads every 10 seconds or less.

In most cases the simple.php script works better when refreshing faster then 30 seconds. It loads 1 data set and fills all “mini-blocks” with changed data.


Thnx will try this.v

great :slight_smile: it works :slight_smile: windspeed is updated now every 3 seconds