Extremly urgent

We have a fire behind our town, police are asking for weather conditions from the site. I tried to change wind to 1 minute update but it does not work. Using 1 min boc ticked, there are NO updates. It is URGENT that I get one minute updates to work as the CFA and Police need the info.

I have clicked the 1 min on wxlocal.html but when I do that there NO updates. I can only get 5 min updates to work unless I do manual creates and uploads.
I am using No 22, wxlocal.html

Please help and let me know how to get the 1 min updates on wxlocal.html wx.html urgently.

make sure to tick use 1 minute updates in the first setup screen in the customise internet and file creation setup as well as tick the 1 minute option in the create and upload times

try that and good luck!

greatly appreciate, that was it.

Wish you good luck over there! Take care…

Appreciate it, it looks like it going to be ok, winds droping, CFA have it contained. Thanks again for the quick support, I missed the 1 Min override tickbox in the rush … I normal just run 5 min updates to save bandwidth. The CFA use the site in their control room and the Police where asking radio for wind reports from the website, so this is why I have to be paranoid about the way I run the site. When I first started it as a hobby, it could be off all day and it didn’t bother me hehe.

Do you know if Graham Eddy (Buxton) is ok. Last update from is site is 7th Feb at 17:56.

No I don’t, I have emailed him about 15 minutes after his site stopped updating, but no reply yet.

Don’t panic as I think there is still no power in that area. I’ll let you know if I do hear back and if you could also pass on any info you find.


Thanks, I’m hoping that its just no power.
Will pass on anything I hear.

Hope things stay safe for you guys up there.

Good luck guys, our forestry managing company Hancocks are sending 20 men over from the Waikato region in the North Island to assist their teammates in Hancocks over there. I think the plantations are mainly free of fires or so I have heard - mainly near Melbourne perhaps? Stay safe. We have heard and seen too many horrific stories and sights of folks perishing and others losing family and property. Take care. It’s great you can do your bit with weather data assistance - well done!


rain expected here is meaning Firefighters can be sent over to help put out the remaning fires before the next heat wave !

Buxton Weather is back on line with the following message:
Bushfire outage

Great news, thanks for letting me know.